Douglas A. Finch, MD | Testimonials



"I want you to know how much we appreciate your time and willingness to talk through a "mysterious case" and help us troubleshoot. We are grateful to you." -- a Sharon, CT resident.

“Dr. Finch has always answered my medical questions in a thoughtful manner. His wife, Tracey, is always there to quickly respond to our calls. We are lucky to have him in the area.” -- a Falls Village, CT patient.

"Dr. Finch has been a great resource for our family. We found his thorough questions of my mother's wound infection to be right on target and the course of treatment effective."-- a Sharon, CT resident.

"I've personally known Dr. Doug Finch for more than ten years. I introduced his family to the area and have been happy to see him grow over the years. I was so happy to hear that Dr. Finch went into private practice. The area really needed an infectious diseases specialist. The community is better off with Dr. Finch, because he brings a wealth of medical knowledge and I respect his good judgment. His wife, Tracey brings a lot to the business as Dr. Finch's practice manager. Her timely response to matters is appreciated." -- John Harney, John Harney Real Estate Associates, Salisbury, CT.