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Does Dr. Finch provide primary care services?

Dr. Finch's practice is limited to hospital medicine and infectious diseases consultations.  He does not have an office to see patients for general medical issues.

How do I arrange a consultation with Dr. Finch?

Dr. Finch is the Director of the International Traveler's Clinic at Sharon Hospital. This clinic is administered by Sharon Hospital. Please call (860) 364-4276 to schedule an appointment at the Traveler's Clinic. Payment for Traveler's clinic services are expected at the time of service. Insurers do not generally provide coverage for preventative care for travel health issues.

To see Dr. Finch for an Infectious Disease consultation not related to travel, please call (860)364-4276. Please specify that you would like to arrange a non-travel related consultation.

What is travel medicine?

Travel medicine doctors advise on how to prevent travel related health problems.  Sometimes this involves vaccination against infectious diseases such as “Yellow Fever” or taking medications such as malaria pills.

What is an infectious disease specialist?

A doctor that is a specialist in diagnosing and treating any kind of infection and discovering the causes of unexplained fevers.



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